At over 1,700 meters above sea level, the Échelle and Montgenèvre passes through the High Alps are the new crossing points for migrants arriving in Europe via the Mediterranean.
Along their way, these unconventional hikers encounter local inhabitants of the mountain. One of them is Benoit Ducos, a carpenter and family man from Briançon who has joined a network of citizen volunteers. Out on the trail, these volunteers take clothes and hot food to those who are about to risk their lives climbing the mountain. To those who make it, they offer warmth and first aid.
After Benoit helps Marcela, a pregnant Nigerian woman, his involvement with the migrants becomes a steadfast daily commitment. But helping them to cross is against the law, and the threat of prosecution for a “solidarity offence” hangs over both Benoit and his friends.
Between an Italy trying to rid itself of migrants and a France that no longer welcomes them, Back Against the Wall gives us a portrait of these exiles and the local activists crossing destinies.

Film by Peggy Bruguière and James Keogh, coproduced with Les Films du Sillage for channels France Ô and France 3 Via Stella.

Diffuseur / BroadcasterFrance ÔDurée / Duration52'Année / Year2018