The 500 kilometers of river between French Guiana and Suriname are an invisible border, separating wealthy Europe from one of South America’s poorest countries. As the river plunges into the jungle, the border becomes extremely difficult to monitor. Filmmaker Peggy Bruguière sails down the Maroni River from Maripasoula to Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni, meeting the men and women who live along this watery boundary.
Some, like illegal gold prospector José, try to exploit it, while others like the drug smuggler Cédric are exploited themselves. Still others, like border patrol sergeant Serge, want to control it. Or like the Amerindian boatman Michel, to protect it.
How can a doctor in a small clinic in Maripasoula manage to treat people living on both sides of the border?  How can an illegal gold miner survive in the jungle? How can a teacher prepare lessons that make sense to children from such different cultures?
This documentary shares the lives of people on both sides of the river, telling us the story of French Guiana’s social realities, and it is first and foremost a story about the human experience.
With images by photographer Pep Bonet, multiple World Press Photo Awards winner.

Film by Peggy Bruguière, coproduced with Les Films du Sillage for the channel France Ô.

Diffuseur / BroadcasterFrance ÔDurée / Duration52'Année / Year2019