In “No Return: Somali refugees in Kenya”, we see everyday life in a camp through the eyes of refugees, not humanitarian workers. Mohamed, Maryam, and Abduelli open their makeshift houses to us, looking straight in our eyes while sharing their daily routines and their fears for the future.
The Kenyan government is urging them to give up their refugee status for good and go home in exchange for a handful of dollars.
250,000 people face an impossible choice: return to Somalia, a country in the midst of a civil war, or remain in a UN-run camp that lacks the financial resources to give them enough to eat. The authorities assure them the country is at peace now. Mohamed Bishar has already travelled “home”, a place he left as a very young boy. He stayed just a few days before returning to exile in Kenya, fleeing the Islamist Al-Shabaab militia that threatened to kill him. His crime? He wants to become a doctor, not wage jihad.
While the refugees ask themselves whether to stay or to go, others wonder whether to protect them, or send them home – questions that resonate far beyond the Dadaab refugee camp.

Film by Marc Cantarelli, coproduced with Les Films du Sillage for the channels France Ô and Canal+ Afrique

Diffuseur / BroadcasterFrance ÔDurée / Duration52'Année / Year2019