The Islamic State is at the end of its territorial existence. The last days of the self-proclaimed caliphate are played in the small town of Baghouz in eastern Syria, a territory under Kurdish administration.
We met with all the protagonists of this last battle :
Samira, a Belgian jihadist prisoner in the Roj camp, where hundreds of foreign families are waiting to be sent back home or put under trial.
Bahoz and Simco, kurdish commanders leading the last battle against ISIS, alongside the Americans that will soon be leaving the battlefield.
Jamal, an Arab fighter who escaped from the massacre of his tribe by Daesh. Mahmoud, a Kurdish official who manages the camps where tens of thousands of jihadists, wounded civilians and children have been pouring in for weeks.
Through their words, we measure the extent of the wounds left by five years of jihadist rule, and the consequences to come.
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Reporting by Gwendoline Debono and Laurent van der Stockt, coproduced with Les Films du Sillage for Arte Reportage.

Diffuseur / BroadcasterArte ReportageDurée / Duration26'Année / Year2019